Thursday, March 29, 2007

Activities Update

An update on what political/theatrical activities i am currently engaged in:

1. The Titanic!! Pink Banana's spring show. 12 locally written plays. Details: i have written and am directing a short piece in the show and stage managing the whole durn thing.

2. I'm helping promote and may house manage Kurt Harwig's show at MOCT. Details:

3. Street theatre. Earlier this week I started my first survey, in the streets on the east side. Details:

4. Writing Ulysses Crewmen- slowly plodding through, trying (and failing) to spend 30 minutes a day in front of the computer. When i do, it's mostly staring and the screen and working myself into a frenzy of inactivity, but occasionally it's pouring out pages and pages of mediocre-but-a-least-it's-a-start dialog.

5. Abortions who Still Worship Their Navels: An Evening with Peter J Woods is in pre production. Two plays and two monolouges by Mr. Woods. June 29 -24. My responsibilities will be technical and promotional and fundraiserist. The promotion and fundraising methods will be very street theatre based, so i'm excited to see what comes of that.

6. Insurgent Theatre as an organization is easing into the new arrangements, i'm excited to see how things happen.

7. new website design started. look totally different, better reflecting the new organizational system and ethos (and newly aquired design skills) by the time we do Peter's show.

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