Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More Actions

An update on what political/theatrical activities i am currently engaged in:

1. We're done with Golden Apollo. I consider it a qualified success. Considering the many adversities Tracy confronted in putting on this show i am very impressed with the result. There are various things i would've liked to see punched up a bit, but i can hardly complain considering my limited investment in the show. The other, bigger success is this got Tracy and i working together again and started a new chapter in the life of Insurgent Theatre.

2. Writing Ulysses Crewmen- i am at a very frustrating stage of this project. I've got to mostly re-write act 1 from scratch and it's frustrating because i don't know if i should approach it with blank pages in front of me and end up writing things i've already written or if i should have all the old drafts in front of me and cut and paste. both these options are really frustrating inefficient processes, but that's what you get when you re-conceptualize something like this.

3. Pink Banana- the Spring show is going to be huge, 17 plays. So one of my scripts (the autosummarized BTWH) will be pushed back to the summer show. We've started rehearsals for After the Protest, and it's going very well. I'm so happy with my casting choices i could just spit. This play is going to kick ass.

4. we've got tentative dates (which i cannot recall right now) for the Peter J Woods show. 2 plays and 2 monolouges, all about ART. it's going to be a fun show. Tracy and John are directing and the technical requirements are low so i'll be focusing on other things, and having a lot of fun with it.

5. organizationally, Insurgent Theatre is no longer going to pretend to be some kinda big ole group with a lot of members and fundraising and legal status. Insurgent Theatre is going to be Tracy and I producing as much theatre as we possibly can and accumulating resources and funds for a future attempt at world domination!!

6. the landlords in Bayview suck at returning phone calls or showing up for appointments, or pricing their apartments reasonably. I have instead moved to a little studio on the east side. No parking, crappy kitchen, but SO MUCH CHEAPER!

7. time line for UC remains as it was.

8. haven't talked any more about BTWH, if we're going to do it or not. Bill Ayers is speaking at the UWM union this weekend. I can't go cuz i got rehearsals.

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