Friday, April 13, 2007

Activities Update

An update on what political/theatrical activities i am currently engaged in:

1. Tonight is opening night for The Titanic!! Tech week has been (as always) difficult. John says i should stage manage professionally. not a bad idea... but i don't know if i'd be able to keep thinking of it as a slacker job...

2. I'm helping promote and may house manage Kurt Harwig's show at MOCT. Details:

3. Street theatre. Winter is taking a final (hopefully) swing at milwaukee, which means we're going to get a second "first day of spring" which is the best kind of day for street theatre. Details:

4. Writing Ulysses Crewmen- haven't done shit since Pink Banana got heavy. Next week is freedom week. No more tech.

5. Peter's show is now called Made in the Mouth. i've designed flyers and we've planned what sort of street theatre we're doing.

6. new website design started. look totally different, better reflecting the new organizational system and ethos (and newly aquired design skills) by the time we do Peter's show.

7. Did a gallery performance art peice with Peter this week. about the relationship between art and audience. it's good. it's a good piece.

8. Tim Chrapko is talking about hugging strangers on the street, as a result i am thinking about hugging strangers on the street, as a result i have started hugging strangers on the street. No words, just a hug. so far i'm 1 for 1.

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