Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am in conflict with myself over Grotowski.

Reading "Towards a Poor Theatre" on Shawn Smith's reccomendation.

I am beside myself. Rex Winsome should never be beside himself.

The the highly efficient, raw-as-fuck communist in me says YES, this is the theatre we should do. A theatre that can travel around the country in a beat up van and fuck shit up at rock shows in punker basements.

but i aesthetically rebel against it. This is dumb ugly over-actoring theatre. This is new age self-sacrificial actor giving over the total of his being to the play theatre. It's no set no costumes experimental theatre and i bet, on stage it's either dull as fuck or hilarious when it's supposed to be serious.

besides, it's not really available to us. The stripping down of theatre puts EVERYTHING on the actor, and i'm not saying we don't have good enough actors for it, but we don't have actors who have done or are willing to do the specific kind of training required.

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