Tuesday, May 1, 2007

activities update again

1. The Titanic is over, it was great fun.

2. Kurt's show is still going on. You should go see it!!

3. This on and off weather is perfect for crowds of people in the street. A new survey and i'm trying to recruit luckys that aren't as busy as Peter right now.

4. Writing Ulysses Crewmen- new policy: must spend 1/2 an hour with UC before i am allowed to spend any time with surveys. surveys bring me short term immediate gratification type joy and UC will bring me huge acheivement long term joy. gotta keep my priorities straight. Benthamic-like.

5. Made in the Mouth auditions coming up. Promotion is in gear. done some designing and the new survey is thematically related. it's gonna be hott!

6. the new website design needs but a few changes and approval from the boss (tracy)

8. my hugging record is something like 2 in 9. i've kinda given up.

9. I "wrote" an improv peice (came up with the premise) for the Pink Banana big gay show at pridefest and the gay arts center. I might act in it as well, if needs be.

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