Monday, July 23, 2007

activities update 7/23

1. Made writing quota week before last, but not last week. last week i wrote 5 hours, but only 30 minutes of it was Ulysses' Crewmen. This week i dig in and REALLY do it. There's a lot that can be done before the reading (and probably a lot to do after)

2. Made in the Mouth is over. Tonight we'll finally get the finances worked out and find out how it did financially (i predict it was quite successful)

3. Street theatre calmed down last week due to tim's birthday, differnt projects, making a pinata at midnight, etc etc, but this friday is gallery night, so we'll be back out there, big time.

4. Working on a touring-show script. a two person, three character show, like missoula oblongata done it. The script is about revolutionary politics, fratricide, and painting the whole city red. It's called Paint the Town, and i'm hoping i can make it cute on the outside and then disgusting, morally offensive, and then revolutionarialy inspirational, and then a totally dissappointing let-down. It'll be the most anti-family values play you'll ever see.

5. Need to meet with john to discuss pink banana's future, when the one page play show will be, then i gotta decide what'll happen with atheist's last rites.

7. Things have been too crazy for the website to keep up, but i SHOULD be updating tonight, and Tim SHOULD be able to take over thereafter.

8. Brecht essay on back burner.

9. St Joan of the stockyards also on back burner.

10. Dog Park Junkyard development: we know who owns that land. It's the city of brookfield. Matt Richardson is on it, but it's still very much back-burner stuff.

11. Upua will happen over winter break. the set will be made out of paper mache. it will be intense and amazing. the more i think about it the better turner hall looks. either that or we venture back into bucketworks territory. tentatively, very very slowly.

12. Play in a Day kicked major ass. I've got all kinds of ideas for next year. I hope mike likes em.

13. Alamo Basement is also planning a ultra gore-ific halloween show that i'll be invovled in.

14. In Clamatore- i'll be production assistant on a movie set. Wes Tank is making a kick ass full length for-serious movie, which i'll participate in, even though film is obsolete.

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