Monday, July 9, 2007

Activities update 7/9

1. Planning staged reading of Ulysses' Crewmen. It'll be at Darling Hall on Aud 23rd. Ces, Tracy, Kate, Katy, Hames, Tim, Matt and one other will be reading. I need to write A LOT more if i'm going to get everything i need to get out of this. I haven't been sleeping enough and whenever i try to write (i'm in a dull read it over and over stage) i nod off. I haven't made my writing quota for two weeks.

2. Made in the Mouth is almost over. It's been a great run, good audiences, good shows, fun times. Oh my god, fun times. Previews in shepherd and MKE, a review in the shepherd.

3. Promotion for Made in the Mouth continued with a focus on street theatre. Ton's of lucky and Pozzo last week, check out for stories of the extreme theatre we're doing on the street. By extreme i mean balls-licking, self-hanging, traffic-playing extreme.

4. created to log stories of our street actions.

5. recent discussions and arguments about knowledge and emotions with people make me wonder if i'll find someone who is both a great actor and one who understands/sympathizes with the positions expressed in Atheists Last Rites.

7. Tim continues to work on video stuff. he's having trouble with his computer. Website updating has also become difficult, but it will soon be much more efficient.

8. got my brecht book in the mail, reading it. like it. gonna start my essay on brecht once i'm done with it, then my short monologue. Hopefully this will be all finished by the next darling hall performance night, cuz i'd like to perform the monologe and hand out copies of the essay to interested parties.

9. St Joan of the stockyards and Dog Park Junkyard and Upua continue on the back burner. We're going to have a general insurgent meeting once mouth is over to talk about what the foutre holds in what order and get it together.

10. Play in a Day coming up! Matt's holding tech meetings, i'm excited! I've gotta design a poster, shit, i forgot about that. I need to get on top of this shit. Too much street theatre and parties not enough sleep or work.

11. Alamo Basement is also planning a ultra gore-ific halloween show that i'll be invovled in.

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