Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gen-Sec Winsome reveals new five year program.

Well, not quite, more like year and a half program. I don't know, maybe i'm applying Brecht's opposition to dramatic suspence to my regular life or maybe i just need a structure to string my hopes and dreams up on, but this is what i'd like to see happen in the next year and a half. i like transparency, planning and advance warning. Glasnost. Perestroika. I need the long view to keep me sane and keep me trying.

first, the solid stuff:
10/6+7= Army of the Arts street theatre: Buskerfest + Artwalk.
10/9= Lucky and Pozzo and Jonathan West
10/15= Jonathan West's arts round table discussion (check his blog for details)
10/19+20= Alamo Basment's Departed at Darling Hall
11/17= Act Three at Darling Hall
11/07-1/08= Insurgent Theatre's Upua

Now for the more theoretical part of things. I assume there will be Alamo Basement and Pink Banana shows and street theatre and benefit concerts and performance nights and other opportunities and asides peppered throughout here.
1/08= I'd be really happy if Play in a Day happened every six months. or if Berzerk became a yearly thing as well, in the winters. those kinds of crazy non-traditional theatre, Alamo Basement shows are a fucking blast and don't take much time.
1/08-4/08= make the Experimental Theatre Workshop into a recurring public performance poor theatre thing.

now for the two diverging paths part of things:

Experimental Theatre Workshop Productions on a regular basis
5/08-7/08= Ulysses' Crewmen production
6/08= Play in a Day III (or IV, if mike agrees about the six months thing)
6/08-9/08= Paint the Town on tour with Raperies and Missoula

Experimenal Theatre Workshop Productions whenever possible
5/08-9/08= Paint the Town tour
6/08= Play in a Day
12/08= Ulysses' Crewmen Production

If Milwaukee is not kicking out the jams by the time of the Paint the Town tour, i'm going to use that as an opportunity to scope out a new home for yours truely. Cuz if this is all just going to feel like whipping a dead horse, i need an expiration date on my dedication to this city. Let's not let that happen, people.

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