Thursday, October 11, 2007

Activities update 10/11

1. Tomato Romp! went very very well.

2. Lucky and Pozzo meet jonathan west- AMAZING! West organized it so he and his friends were in the middle of a staged reading of Waiting For Godot when we arrived, right on cue. Tim did the monologue spot on and we hung out and chatted about theatre for a bit. Good times.

3. UC writing- hanging on this point: did a rough revision after the reading, sat on it for a while, now looking for a chunk of time when i can read it all through in one sitting and judge it as a whole.

4. Reviews in the Vital Source- read following posts for the fiasco this turned into. Then spit on the boulevard theatre next time you walk past it.

5. Street theatre! Buskerfest! on sat oct 6 I did 6 solid hours of street theatre, then i went dancing and then pain in the park on sunday, then rehearsal, then theatre workshop. it was the most amazingly exhausting weekend ever. check out for details.

6. the theatre workshop continues to impress me.

7. The Grand Guignol show is in production. I have a lot of lines to memorize, and a damn hard technical show. but, if i don't fuck it up, this is going to be amazing.

8. Upua- plans might change, will know more next week.

9. One page play show- now garaunteed to happen. Maybe sooner than later.

10. website maintenance is still my responsibility.

11. Brecht essay climbing up off the back burner, cuz the reading is getting exciting.

12. Karnal:ville- we checked out their october show, came up with something for their November show. Expect to see Insurgent performing something in the Disco Inferno on Nov 3rd

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