Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Activities Update 11/13/07

Too busy to do activities updates! Chronological Order


1. Jonathan West's Round table talks were excellent, and inspired networking, brainstorming, and planning.

2. Grand Guignol show was a shmashing sucess!

3. Karnal:Ville show went great.


1. Act 3 show- I’m performing at Darling Hall with the Act 3 show, I wrote two scripts, one might be in the show.

2. One page Play show booked at Darling Hall, acquiring scripts and doing pre-production now.

3. Lots of organizational and networking things going on. Marketing strategies, shifting allegiances, planning seasons, venue opportunities, a lot of the behind the scenes work being done, which will hopefully result in a huge spurt of activity very soon.

4. working out our rough season has organized my writing priorities, focus on Paint the Town, then go back to UC.

5. I'm seeing a lot of theatre and writing reviews which i self-publish. Maybe at some point i'll try and make this a more official thing and try and get someone else to publish them.

6. Theatre workshop rolls along, changes in membership, a process and purpose for the workshop has been discovered and it's excellent!


1. Karnal:ville- valentines day show, we’re headlining .

2. Upua is pushed back to the spring/summer to make room for the One Page show, but it should be better for it.

3. Brecht essay (indeed the reading) is back to the back burner. Too busy writing.

4. Grand list of unusual theatre projects. We listened to what was said at the round table talks and what was said is there needs to be more interdisciplinary art shit happening. If people meant what they said, you’ll see us doing theatre in art galleries, as public art installations, at concerts and all kinds of other places within the next year.

5. Paint the Town- writing madly, figgering out what and how for the tour.

6. Red Creek- We’re scoping out a script by Greg North about a family in turmoil in rural texas. If all goes well we’ll produce it in the fall of 2008

7. “I don’t get it” – a collection of avant-garde one-acts and bits of theatre that’ll make you go “huh?” Jan of 09.

8. Ulysses Crewmen- will be produced in the summer of 2009. I promise.

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