Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Review - 3 UWM shows.

We've been up to UWM to see three plays last month and didn't have time to write reviews of them in here.

First, Ring Round the Moon. This was an old school farce sort of thing, on the mainstage at UWM but it contained enough class conflict innuendo and good acting to keep me interested.

Second, Capricios. Kurt Hartwig taught a class in which they generated a full length play from scratch over the course of the semester. Everything was student led other than Kurt's suggestion of using Franscisco de Goya's Caprichios as inspiration. The final product had some interesting scenes, a nice structure, too much dependance on pop-culture references, and a lot of actors who looked very nervous to be on stage.

Third, The Dumb Waiter. This is the best thing i've seen at UWM since equus, one of the best productions i've seen in milwaukee. The small cast and crew from the player's guild clearly took the project seriously (unlike other player's guild projects i've heard of) and did the work necessary to pull off a very good production of a great Pinter play. Highlights: the sound design. Low point: the fact that it ran for only like, three days at the begining of the week. none of the people i reccommended the show to were able to attend.

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