Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Activities Update 3-4

This time, it's in order of priority.
1. Paint the Town - I'm almost done with the script. Almost almost almost. We've got bits and peices of the tour booked, and i've got graphic design roughly finished.
2. Versuche - I'm writing some propaganda, which will be distributed along the tour. Other people will write for it as well.
3. Cracks in the Floor - rehearsals progress. I'm mainly involved in tech, cuz i'll be gone most of the run of the show.
4. Play in a Day - We're booking play in a day, it's almost all set. We've decided we're going to do a musical, and it's going to be reeediculous! I've got rough designs finished.
5. The Singing Corpse - we're doing a 24 hour type show on April 5th, as a preparation / promotion for PiaD. It'll be a series of short plays, written like an Exquisite Corpse, the first writer hands off the last line to the second writer, who must use that line as their first line of their play. Two or three of these plays will have song and dance numbers attached to them.
6. Ides of March Dance off - i'm dancing! Sponsor me!
7. Atheist's Last Rites - I'm performing this again, at the Borg Ward, with some metal bands, April 6th.
8. Legal / fundraising strategies - Insurgent Theatre is figguring out a way to avoid the traps and shit-bags that come with fundraising and legal legitimacy.
9. Minnesota Fringe Fest - next week we'll decide what we're doing up there.
10. Upua - still collecting scripts, getting really excited about building the set.
11. Baby Blue Eyes - looking for props.

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