Monday, June 9, 2008

Review- Bunny Gumbo's Combat Theatre

My friends and I saw Bunny Gumbo's Combat Theatre the other night. This was a horrible angering mistake. The Combat Theatre process, as far as i can tell, is as follows: Jim Fletcher invites his friends and people he knows to participate in the show. He assembles a very large cast and crew from the local theatre community, gives each person one distinct role, which can be acheived in a few (i'd guess at max 8) hours, and then bribes them to beg their friends and family to give Jim $18 each.
With a casting process based on friendships, not merit, a pyramid scheme supported by an absurdly large cast (whoever brings the most audience gets $100, everyone else gets nothing) as a promotion system, randomly selected subjects and locations that are so obvious, they all but write the play themselves, writers too lazy to do much of anything challenging or creative with these ready-made script set-ups, actors who rarely play anything but the most worn out imitations of facile stereotypes (with a few notable exceptions) ridiculously high ticket prices and an audience who is only there to see their friend or family member acting goofy, it's no wonder Bunny Gumbo crawls up near the top of the deadliest theatre i've seen.
Deadly Theatre, a term coined by Peter Brook, is theatre that nobody actually likes. We just go through the motions of liking it because we think we're supposed to. It's Shakespeare. It's a stale cliche, an old joke, something that we laugh at or attend, or promote because it's so familiar that doing so is socially ingrained. We go because for whatever reason, we ought to, not because we want to. It's deadly because it's an unsustainable scam, sinking the medium of theatre in a bog of mediocrity and social niceity. Most of what hit the stage in Saturday night's Combat was deadly.
Bunny Gumbo promotes themselves as though they are producing edgy original works, as though this 24 hour theatre production is an impressive feat. But these works would only be edgy to pre-school teachers, original to a recently dethawed cro-magnons, and impressive to someone who hasn't participated in producing similar shows. To someone who has produced the 24 hour staging of a dozen plays written in 10 minutes, or the 24 hour writing and staging of a full length musical, both with everyone taking multiple much larger roles that actually require them to lose sleep and experience stress, and both with far more merit, originality, and watchability  (though less audience) than what Combat produced, (not to mention full sets and almost no budget), to someone who's done that, Combat Theatre is an insult, it's a fucking scam. It's a bunch of theatre people having a party and charging $18 for the privledge of watching them play.


David said...

You have you facts wrong. Everyone involved in COMBAT gets paid a cut of take at the door. A patron put up money for an audience development grant to encourage participants to attract more patrons (and the one who draws the most people gets a cash award). Combat is a theatre community building project, which is why it attracts theatre students & amateurs as well as professionals as writers, directors, actors and tech people. Given your misinformed assumptions, you subjective opinions are also based on ignorance.

The fact is that COMBAT is an example of what Peter Brook termed Immediate Theatre & Rough Theatre. That is in strong contrast to the self-important, pretentious, pompous and deluded work hyped by The Insurgent Theatre, which is just as Deadly as the velvet seated, expensive theatre plant, overpriced commercial theatre that Brooks first wrote of in 1968.

The crude vileness and lies of your attack on Combat Theatre shows an ignorance, jealousy, mean mindedness and hypocrisy that is usually unheard of in Milwaukee's theatre community.

Anonymous said...

R. Winsome, I will tell you what is truly pathetic: attending several different theatre events and staging walkouts, not quietly leaving at intermission, but rather, in this case during the last piece of the show, as if to call attention to yourself because you feel your agenda to be superior to the hard-working artists before you. You make no political statement in either your walkout or this blog. All you did was call attention to your ungracious attitude and bad choice of outfit. Do you think your opinion hurts anyone but your own theatre's reputation? Must we now all cower and conform to your vision for a more perfect in your face theatre world? I think not.
The combined talent and years of professional acting, writing, directing and teaching experience that makes the combat weekend happen is more inspirational and enduring than you could ever shake your flimsy stick at. Doing combat is not only about a bunch of friends there by invitation only-poor you that you never had such an invite, (is that why you are so salty?)
Jim Fletcher has also developed a Combat weekend for high school students, for which all of the concession proceeds go to benefit young performers. A real theatre wanting to affect a change on society will have an outreach component, one that gives back to the community and develops the visions of younger artists. Your blog bitching can hardly compare to the efforts of Bunny Gumbo to educate and encourage up and coming artists at both the high school and college level.
One of the reasons we enjoy combat so much is because it blurs the lines of organizations and strives to include everybody as a family, unlike you who seems to aspire to be some dictator of the theatre. Good luck with that. As for me, I despise vanity cold fish theatre. You make think you're edgy but when I saw your work I felt alinenated, not included. I was also a friend of one your cast members. Should I be considered less of a patron because I was there to support the artistic endeavors of my friend? I will never make the mistake of paying to watch your work again. What an asshole you are.
The combat experience helps us laugh at ourselves and people like you, to be silly to not take everything so seriously, to try new ideas which do not just write themselves, but are inspired by the fun, and most importantly love, we have for each other, for our art, for the process and especially for the audience. I have often never cashed my checks, donating them back to the theatre because Combat pays me in magic. You have embarrassed yourself and your theatre company greatly. And you embarrass the venues who would host your work too, well meaning artists trying to provide a place for smaller companies so everyone can earn a living doing what they love.
There is no room in any art community for nasty people like you. You are antithical to the healing artistic process.
I know you are so concerned about the amount of sleep Combat participants have. I can assure you, small fry, we won't be losing sleep over your unimportant opinion.

Anonymous said...

My assumption is that R Winsome ( a misnomer for you if ever there was one) is the horribly dressed blonde in boots that she couldn't walk in who left in a huff during one of the sketches. She had a badly dressed entourage as well, wearing too much after shave and with extreeemely bad haircuts. I'm also going to take a guess that R Winsome is some disgruntled theatre student, or, perhaps more accurately former theatre student, who read one book in her life and now is trading on what she thinks she knows about theatre. Shakespeare is never, never Deadly theatre. Even if it's poorly done, and it often is, the exploration of the best playwright in the English language can never be a waste of time. I can only guess that it is beyond R Winsome, and so she chooses to be hateful.
She was also hateful about Bunny Gumbo, and that is just too bad. The twice yearly Combat outings, along with the high school "Combat boot camp" are delightful weekends of community for the casts and crews, and a chance for adventurous and open minded theatre patrons to...indeed... attend a working theatre party. It also offers opportunities to a growing community of writers and other artists. This is not something to be termed deadly by even the most pompous of theatre writers, which Peter Brook could certainly be called. A bad theatre student, or even a "student of theatre" can read books until they fall over on what is "supposed" to be happening and how we are all meant to feel and how we are to dedicate ourselves. A bad student of theatre and a bitter, untalented would be actor can shriek all they like about who is supposed to be cast, and who deserves it and who doesn't. They can carry on till the cows come home about "edgy" theatre and "risk taking" and whatever other catch phrases they care to throw about. Bunny Gumbo, and Jim Fletcher, are living it. Taking chances on producing things that go on nowhere else in the city and making a success of it. So be as bitter as you like RWinsome. It won't get you cast in anything, which I am guessing is the root of your issues with BG.

Anonymous said...

I am in complete shock and awe right now. To think that anyone who owns, runs, or is apart of any theatre would make such a big production of walking out on a show in the middle of a scene. I have since found out that you are connected with Insurgent Theatre, everyone I know from the theatre students I go to school with to the professionals I have worked with will know what horrible people are connected to that theatre, and I use that term loosely. Combat Theatre has been a staple in this city for ten years and has continually recieved accolades from local professionals. I can only imagine that this is a stunt to finally get yourself some recognition in the theatre community because your little experiment isn't going so well. I have heard from many who saw your tiny insignificant show that it was a complete disaster, that it was the biggest waste of their time. Meanwhile Combat continues to grow with said "Combat Bootcamp" and moving to larger venues as it gets bigger. I should also have you know that the only reason your pathetic blog is getting any traffic is because someone from Combat saw it and sent it on. This theatre community prides itself on working together so theatres can coexist, you have proven that you can't survive so you sink to name calling and making presumptions about things you know not. I certainly hope that you have a very loyal following because I know that Bunny Gumbo does and when people hear about this chances are they won't be pleased with your arrogant attitude. Good theatre's go under in this town on a regular basis, I can only hope that your sad little excuse for one follows suit. We don't need people like you in Milwaukee Theatre!

Anonymous said...

So are you the awful human being that walked out of the performance on Saturday night only to go home and write this blog. If you had any artistic integrity you would realize how rude it is to make such a spectical as an audience member while others are trying to perform on stage. If you had an ounce of humility you would realize how desperately you would love to be a part of Bunny Gumbo's Combat Theatre, so much that you are attempting to mimic what this Bunny Gumbo has already mastered. Unfortunately for you and your theatre company, this is one of the largest ensembles in the Milwaukee area and you just lost a ton of support. Support that you would have gained from an incredible theatre community that does great work. I see this outlash as nothing but a jeaolous spoiled little brat wanting what she doesn't have.

Anonymous said...

I think Rex Winsome is a dude. And I think it was a girl who loudly stomped out of Combat. Perhaps two different children on our hands here? Correct me if I'm wrong.

R. Winsom, you seem to have some issues, and yes you need to check your facts. And your attitude.

The audience and the players at Combat have been having a great time for what, ten years now? And you had a bad time. I'm gonna hang out with them.

I don't think anyone is in it for the money. Are you familiar with how small-scale theatre works financially?

Amanda said...

Did you burn your AEA card?

Anonymous said...

R Winsome... You obviously lack tact and self control. How about you let the critics be critics, and you can just keep on acting... like a pathetic, miserable child. You've destroyed any chance your fledgling group had with many individuals in the community. Goliath won this time.

Anonymous said...

I have rarely read such a misinformed, immature response to a performance that is meant to bring area artists together and create two nights of magic.

Where and when did you receive the authority to deem a performance or artistic effort as unworthy of existence? When did it become unnecessary for you to check your facts and make sure you have all the information you need before making wild and completely untrue claims?

I won't take the time to point out the mistakes about payment and money handling in Bunny Gumbo because those have already been pointed out by other people in their previous responses. What I will point out though is that you lack any professional integrity whatsoever.

You are neither an artist, nor a professional. A professional artist does not attend other artists' performances only to either storm out or have one of the people that attent with you storm out. A professional artist does not attend other artists' performances and attack not only the people that organized the performances, but the people that performed, wrote, and directed. A professional artist (even a semi-brain dead artist) would not have tried to diminish the amount of work, trust, and time that a large group of people contributed to make sure their production could be realized.

If I were you (and I am so blessed that I'm not), I would take some time to seriously consider the grave mistake you've made in writing a response to a show that can't even be called a critique because you chose to make disrespectiful, false accusations about the process that is followed to make Combat Theatre happen.
I would also consider that theatres in this area live and die with the support and lack of support from the artistic community in the city. You have effectively made enemies with a large number of actors, writers, directors, technical artists, producers, and artists in general. All of which have no reason to support you or your company from this point forward. So, now the question that must be asked is - what did you hope to accomplish with this post?

Anonymous said...

It's a real shame that you can't see the whole process from beginning to end. If you could, I think you'd feel differently about the whole process. If anyone's going to be cranky, I would think it would be the wonderful people who work their butts off for an entire weekend. But it's not. It's you. And you have no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Not that this should make any difference what so ever as it pertains to this malicious attack. I mean everyone has the right to an opinion but this was just mean, but here it goes anyway. Now this is just Wisconsin Theaters

The Milwaukee Rep
Milwaukee Shakespeare
Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
Renaissance Theatreworks
Next Act Theatre
The Skylight
First Stage Childrens Theater
Milwaukee Public Theatre
Windfall Theatre
Madison Rep
New Court Theatre
American Players Theatre
Door Shakespeare
American Folklore Theatre
Penninsula Players
In Tandem Theatre
Bialystock & Bloom
Cornerstone Theatre
Boulevard Ensemble
Quasi Productions
Cedar Creek Rep
RSVP Productions
Off The Wall Productions
Florentine Opera Company
St. Croix Theatre Festival

I'm probably missing a good number of theaters as well. Not to mention numerous community theaters that these people work for just for the love of theatre. Oh and this is Just Wisconsin there were a bunch of actors that usually participate that couldn't because they're working at various Shakespeare festivals around the country. Oh yeah I forgot Shakespeare is dead theatre. I guess my point is, if James Fletcher is just "getting his friends together and charging people" it's a pretty impressive list of friends and I think $18 is a bargain!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that his attack focused mostly on his resume, a loud look at me, not him defense.

Truly sad. I've gone to Combat for nearly six years, I have friends who work on it, made friends with others. Jim Fletcher and I had worked on a few things, one of which was putting a benefit for a mutual friend. Fletcher is a man of great character, something you lack.

As much as I like to support local theater I will choose not to support you. It's sad that one company feels the need to attack another in such an unwarranted fashion.

Anonymous said...

I hear you had a whopping three people at one of your matinees for "Cracks in the Floor". Maybe you should work on your list of friends?

I may be a bit tipsey buuuut.... said...

Nicely done, Rex! In one fell swoop you have just blacklisted INSURGENT THEATER. As much as I respect "theater in theater", I feel your Brecht-ian stunt at Combat was not the wisest choice. For obvious reasons (see the afore-mentioned comments)Looks like you got your 15 minutes of fame. I hope you and your company enjoyed it.

By the way, Embrace all theater...and stop listening to NPR all day, ya pretentious schmuck.

-A Concerned Chicago Citizen

I may be a bit tipsey buuuut.... said...

Nicely done, Rex! In one fell swoop you have just blacklisted INSURGENT THEATER. As much as I respect "theater in theater", I feel your Brecht-ian stunt at Combat was not the wisest choice. For obvious need to rehash 'why'.

By the way, Embrace all theater...and stop listening to NPR all day, ya pretentious schmuck.

-A Concerned Chicago Citizen

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say, when you write an article such as this one, get your facts right. James Fletcher does compensate his actors, he does give back to the community, and he does not just hire his friends. Fletcher hires out of college and local actors who seem to be able to do and ahve interest in Combat.

Also, if you ddn't know, Fletcher attends Insurgent Theater's shows quite frequently. I can bet that he won't anymore.

Another thing, Combat theater is very hard to do and very entertaining. For those who walk out, you missed out.

Oh! And how DARE you insinuate that these plays are wirtten ahead of time.

Dear audiences, friends of actors as well as those who are just interested in coming, Combat is no fake. It is quite real and so is everything about it.

People come who actors have never seen before. Guess why. Because Combat is spreading as a home for actors and a home for theater and a popular event to go to. The theater community is being pushed out by the business community. We need to stick together, both actors and audience and keep this art alive and thriving! Your trying to bring down a theater which opens it's arms to new actors, old actors, and youth is a disgrace and remarkable.
So much for your failed attempt.

Thanks for reading.
You are an asshole.

Anonymous said...

I would like this to stop now. I appreciate the passionate support to no end and understand the anger Mr. Winsome’s ill-informed review has stirred up, but the dialogue that has ensued serves no purpose. The invectives now being thrown stoop to the level of Mr. Winsome and I can only think that this is the kind of response he sought in the first place. I have lived off and on in this city since ’88, and I’ve never seen this kind of behavior. It makes me sad. I would much rather remember all of the great moments that happened at Combat Theatre this past weekend, and being surrounded by truly lovely people. And I say this not only for me, but for Bunny Gumbo, the theatre company I represent.

James Fletcher
Artistic Director
The Bunny Gumbo Theatre Company

Anonymous said...

can't we all just get along?

R. Winsome said...

I'm more than happy to honor Mr Fletcher's request (haven't got time to comb these comments for something resembling useful criticism anymore) but I would also like to request that phone calls and questions about me or my opinions or "who the fuck i think i am" be directed solely to me, not any other individual or organization, including the wonderful and dare I say "freedom loving" venues I work with.

My personal contact information is (perhaps dangerously) easy to find through the insurgent theatre website ( I'm awefully busy, but if anyone would like to chat, or maybe meet up with me so you can hit me or something, i'd be glad to try and reason with you afterward, which is what i did last time someone hit me in the face for my opinions, cuz that's the kind of guy i am. No need to be afraid, folks.

Anonymous said...

The thing I most want to point out here, besides echoing the thoughts of all the previous responses, is that for years the participants of Combat Theatre did not receive any kind of compensation and only recently was the "actor incentive" added, by way of an anonymous sponser donation to help spread the word. The many people involved did so because they loved the idea of gathering with other talented individuals, many of whom they might never get the chance to work with otherwise, to create something unique & wonderful. We didn't do it for the potential to make money. I can guarantee that all involved asked friends & family to come & see it for the entertainment value of it, just like we would for any other show we were involved in that we were proud of. Isn't that what all actors, directors, etc. do? I also know that many people I know who have seen it, not only come back of their own accord, but have spread the word themselves because they enjoyed it so much. And I also know a great many of avid theatre goers who continue to come back time and again whether they know anyone involved or not. How selfish of anyone to knock the efforts of others who endeavor to provide new and interesting ways of getting audiences to come out to see theatre in any form and who try to widen the boundaries of local talent and bring the Milw. theatre community together, even if they don't necessarily care for the offering. I've seen plenty of theatre I didn't care for, but I would never try to run that group through the mud for their attempt. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes, but we should all try to support each other or at least have a little class about it if we choose not to help. I never thought I'd say I wouldn't support a local theatre group, but if this is the way Insurgent Theatre wants to conduct themselves, it's not a group I'd ever want to be a part of, pay money to see, or recommend to anyone I know who truly cares about theatre in this town.

Anonymous said...

Please be straight on this point; everyone involved in Combat has been paid since day one. The Audience Development Initiative is something outside of that and was only recently added.

R. Winsome said...

I hate to do this James, but I don't feel confident that these people's curiosity will be sated until i offer some responese to their criticisms.

They seem incapable of contacting me directly and are continuing on the assumption that this review is something other than my simple honest opinion of your show, which seems to be making them feel justified in approaching organizations and individuals who are associated with me in what seem to be back channel attempts to blacklist or otherwise ruin my company's upcoming shows. I'm sorry, but I cannot allow this to happen. I'm glad to report that so far everyone has displayed enough integrity to refuse their requests, but I don't know what avenue people will explore next, so I'd rather keep their energy concentrated on me.

There have also been some legitimate questions framed with real curiosity and respect from a few of these posts, and i'd like to answer them.

First off, as to implication that my or Kate's actions were some kind of a premeditated stunt, that's absurd. If we were going to do such a thing all three of us would've walked out, or we would've shown up in costume and performed in your lobby. We've proudly done such things in the past (the performance art showcase was even pleasant enough to let us do Lucky and Pozzo unannounced through intermission in their lobby, adding to everyone's experience and almost earning us enough money to cover the cost of the show).

I don't have it out for you, i've been curious about combat for a while and after accidentally scheduling a 24 hour show (Berzerk!!!) on the same dates as your winter show, i made a point to be more conscious of what you're doing so such a thing wouldn't happen again, and promised myself to go see your next show, which i did, with these results.

On the review itself: It's my firmly held belief that everyone is entitled to express their opinion of whatever art they have had the priviledge of seeing, from whatever perspective and with whatever prejudices they like. Art exists for audience reaction, communication, and interaction. I do not support and did not engage in ad hominem attacks, intentional misrepresentation or uncredited (anonymous) reviewing, as those things do not allow response or dialog on the subject. Other than those strictures (all of which were broken in some of these comments), there should be no limit on who is allowed to participate.

That said, as i pointed out in the review I have past experiences that offer me some authority. I've produced enough 24 hour theatre to know that what you guys did is not particularly difficult. Fletcher's job, or the SM and tech people's might be, because organizing that big of a cast must be a feat, but as far as the show itself goes, a one-to-one ratio of scripts to writers and roles to actors in ten minute peices should produce a more impressive result than what i saw saturday night.

This is my subjective opinion, one that's based on my personal standards of what i deem good theatre. My standards put a premium on intellectually challenging content and originality and they also get insulted by recycled TeeVee land cliches. I didn't like the show, I'm clearly not your target audience and I have no delusions about the influence my opinion can exert on people, so you really shouldn't care what i think.

I've also produced enough regular theatre to recognize that getting high attendance at a one-night-only show with over 50 people in the cast is, i'm sure, great fun, but it's nothing to get a big head about, or to justify charging $18 per ticket.

I've already admitted, as soon as i could, that i was misinformed about the payment scheme, which i regret, but this is why people don't put much weight on things they read online, it's not serious journalism.

Insurgent Theatre runs along very different assumptions than it appears you guys do. We've dealt with people walking out on and slamming our shows a number of times. We've had large arguments during talk backs. We've endured outright heckling and harrassment when performing on the street.

We also have many diverse opinions, aesthetics and standards of ettiquite within the group itself. We disagree with each other vehemenently and don't hide those disagreements. We argue, but maintain our community in celebration of these disagreements, or associations. I prefer to act in this way over hiding behind a polite veneer of love, ettiquite and togetherness that easily falls when the opportunity to post anonymously an a blog comes up.

I extend this method to the larger community, hoping to estalblish new norms, or find likeminded individuals, and it goes both ways. A while back i had an experience similar to the present one in which a theatre company got their friends to pull advertising from a magazine that published a review i wrote. I still went back to that theatre company, saw a show i enjoyed there, and wrote a positive review of it.

If Bunny Gumbo produces a show like Losers (which i hear was great) again, or if you re-work your formula i'll be there with $18 in my hand and goodwill in my heart. I try to see as much theatre as i can, especially locally written stuff and would never limit my opportunities by blacklisting a company.

As far as reciprocation goes, I don't really care what you people do, whether you see our shows or not. I'd appreciate if you didn't try to use underhanded tricks to stop us, but ignoring us is fine with me. We get most of our audience from outside the traditional theatre community, anyway. It's a small audience, but one we're extremely proud to be serving.

I will not be reading any further comments on these blog threads. If this post leaves any questions unanswered, feel free to direct them to me personally 414 305 9832 or just come see the plays we're producing in July, i'd be happy to discuss these or any other subjects with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Just one more comment... As a new participant in Combat Theatre, thi I had a wonderful time. It was a marvelous experience! To be surrounded by such a wealth of creativity, support, professionals and friends who share the same love of theatre as myself, it was nothing short of uplifing. Critque is a good thing. It is. But, how can you expect to be heard when your thoughts are rooted in negativity and unkindness?... Perhaps, you can take a moment and try to remember that often, what you put out there comes back two-fold.

Wishing you peace,

A Proud Combatant

Jonathan Wainwright said...

This is all great stuff everybody, but any thoughts on who the Bucks might draft? I think they should try to trade the pick along with a player or two, for some immediate help. But, if they really think one of these kids will be a star in the long term, maybe you take a chance. Any thoughts?...Luv You All!

Ted Tyson said...

R Winsomes's thoughts on Combat Theater were surprisingly mean-spirited and more than a little silly. Don't be to rough on "R", though. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But how dare Jonathan Wainwright presume to know what's best for our beloved Bucks? Who does he think he is?! Now I am mad.


Ted Tyson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jon Wayne...Right? said...

Ted, Ted, Ted. Someday my superior Bucks intellect will become blindingly clear to you. As a matter of fact, in all things sports or even politics my insights far exceed your pedestrian attempts at inclusion in worlds you know little about. Just stick to your "acting" and "singing", K? Ah, a trifle, a trifle...

Anonymous said...

It really bothers me that you're making light of this and talking about the Bucks when there's a real issue here at hand. The new Indiana Jones movie sucks. FAIL!!! Please deal with this issue in a meaningful, angry way!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how in this electronic world a person can't express their own thoughts on their own blog without being heckled. It's not like it was a review in the paper, people. It was his own personal blog. Maybe he got some facts wrong, maybe he hurt your feelings here and there, but it's HIS OWN BLOG PEOPLE. Don't we all have the right to our own personal space online? I'd hate to think that I'd blog my own personal day online and people will comment and diss me there. So everyone can just calm down please...

I've never seen a Bunny Gumbo show. I wanted to recently, but the $18 for that type of theatre seems too steep for me. I think $10 would be more reasonable for something written in 24 hours. Don't get me wrong, I've paid $20 to see theatre. As a performer, I've expected people to pay $20 to see me perform. But $20 was for well rehearsed material (4 weeks of rehearsals). I've done "24 hour" type shows as well. And they are a BLAST to do and very entertaining to watch too. But personally, I believe the price should be lower. Just an opinion.

Also, as a performer I understand that not everyone is going to enjoy or appreciate the work my ensemble puts in. They don't have to. TAKING criticism is part of what a performer has to do. Oh, you don't want to hear harsh words? Get the hell out of this business. Stop being an oversensitive baby and grow the hell up. It's when people whine and complain about opinions (not even a published review) that makes the indie Milwaukee theatre scene and performers look small and unprofessional. I'm not defending his "opinion". Get it straight. I'm defending his right to have a personal blog. THIS is why I keep my opinions about a lot of the theatre I see in MKE to myself. Because word travels too fast and people get mad and blah blah. Performers here need to act more like NY theatre people. They take the heat and move on. Quit your whining people- this isn't high school.

And think twice next time you blog about something in your life. Maybe someone will post a comment to you saying your opinion is wrong - on your own blog.