Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey Everybody, we're on tour! and it's great!
After doing the show in the alley, we've done a bar in chicago, a basement in dayton, and an open artspace in G.D. Rapids.
The audiences are bigger than the average local audience at the alchemist, and they are very attentive, excited and responsive. It's great. One of our best performances ever was in the tiny Dayton basement, with people sitting on the floor and an old couch, just a few feet away from the action. We were a little worried coming into this that people wouldn't respond to theatre in that kind of setting, that they'd chat, or hangout upstairs, but these people have been really cool. The Grand Rapids kids were really great, lots of positive energy, and bought scripts and other merch cuz they wanted more.
Kurt's set is proving very versatile and portable. We're getting better and better at packing the van, able to lean the seats back and have more space after each load in. The basement's low ceiling, and the bar's small stage forced us to adapt the set, which is really easy.
We're all getting along great so far, tackling adversity like a team (a tire blow out) and we ratified a constitution of the SS Gerald Holidy (peter's van) which thus far is working great. Eating cheap on the profits of the shows, and paying for gas with the fundraiser money (thanks again Kristine!) We've got episodes of this america life, and a slew of old time radio programs to keep us company, remember: LSMFT! Lucky Stike Means Fine Tobacco. We've also started a daily writing competition, and we're tracking the physiological effects of touring photographically.
Adapting to the different spaces, pushing the narrations, running lines on the road and giving each other notes is also causing the play to slowly evolve. After 14 shows in 17 days, when we get back it'll probably be quite a different show.

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