Friday, February 6, 2009

Winsome Picks Feb 6th

Hi, i meant to post this yesterday, do it weekly, but i didn't get around to it (i'm desperately trying to book a tour, here, okay?).

First, i'd like to mention some things i witnessed that i didn't reccomend last Thursday...

The first experimental tuesdays at UWM- this was an excellent collection of experimental work in and about the arctic, not a stinker in the bunch and a few mind blowing amazing ones. Good stuff on Tuesdays at the union cinema, don't be missing it!

Handmade Nation - not that this needed help with promotion. the place was packed (as it should be!) The film woulda been more interesting had i not already seen the previews, the lecture and read the book. At anyrate, everyone should check out this film, or buy the book, or just go to some craft fairs. it's super exciting shit (in my opinion it's revolutionary) going on, and Faythe does a great job of documenting it.

Now for this week's picks... well, maybe i've been too busy booking a tour and vicariously attending the bullshit Kre8 summit, but it really doesn't look like there's a whole lot going on in this town this week.

Inova has an opening tonight.

There's a DIY for Domestic Abuse hardcore show at the Borg Ward tomorrow (also your last chance to see some great photography there)

I hear Fasten has something going on.

Is it just me or does the milwaukee art scene binge and purge? One week there's 5 different things happening all at once, next it's pretty dry. Maybe it's another thing i can blame on our alchoholism.

Anyway, go see whatever you can! if you know about something i don't, post it! This is not an excuse to stay home or spend the whole weekend in the fucking bar (not that most Milwuakeeans need a fucking excuse).

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