Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winsome Picks Mar 3rd

Quickly this time (wasted too much time on bitching about Milwaukee art scene today)

Last week's events were GREAT! 3Penny Opera was one of the most exciting things i've seen a legitimate "professional" company in Milwaukee attempt in a long long time.

This week's big event is The Riverwest Follies. Look it up, i'm outa here in 5 minutes.

There's also another Transmutative Cinema film this weekend. Another one about how wonderfully exciting and romantic it is to be in a desperately disfunctional relationship! At the Alchemist. These are sometimes AMAZING and othertimes FUCKING TERRIBLE. Kind of a hit or miss thing, but if we aren't willing to take risks on truly independent cinema then we deserve the faux indie schmaltz that the landmark's are feeding us these days.

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