Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Winsome Picks, March 25 - April 11


I'm about to pack up the USS Gerald Holiday and hit the road for 18 days. As a aprting gift, i offer milwaukee this guide to everything i would do if i wasn't gone.

1. ALCHEMIST THEATRE'S VIRGINIA WOOLF - i saw this last weekend. Kick's ass. They did a great job with a great play.

2. UWM's ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST - i am hating myself for missing this. Dario Fo kicks ass and the fact that UWM is putting this up makes me happy for UWM students. PLEASE GO SEE THIS AND TELL ME HOW THEY DO IT!!

3. MHSA's Spring Awakening - another play i've wanted to see for a long time and am going to miss for this tour. Hurns. I heard rumors that the administration is censoring the play, and might even cancel it. Which is TOTALLY FUCKED UP. So, if it's not cancelled, go there, and tell the students that they oughta perform the full un-censored version on the last night, and shake a dick in the face of whatever administrator or parent tries to stop them. What the fuck?

4. ARMOURY SHOW - i haven't made it to their current exhibit yet, but i hear it's good, i'm pretty sure i'll miss it.

5. DEAD MAN'S CARNIVAL AT STONEFLY - see people spit fire, escape from things, do carnival and vaudville tricks. Mad skills, true dedication, a style unique to Milwaukee. Probably with some music and burlesque groups too.

6. John Mueller, Peter J Woods and Burning Star Core at Cactus Club - This will probably be the best experimental music show in milwaukee for a long long time. If you don't know or like experimental music, go see it anyway, cuz i seriously can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be blown away by what these people will do with your eardrums. I am PISSED to be missing this. Peter's got some other kick ass shows lined up while i'm gone too. Check em out at

Okay, that's all i know i'm missing, that i can think of now anyway. You'll have to look up the details for these shows yourselves, cuz i've been too busy planning my tour to properly plug shit.

Oh, if you wanna come down to rooms gallery in chicago on the 11th, it's probably the final performance of Paint the Town anywhere ever.

When i get back i'll hit the ground running. BERZERK!!! April 26th, Hosting Bedlam's Liquid Ladies on May 24th, Play in a Day May 30th (MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THIS EPIC EVENT NOW) King Lear in Minneapolis first weekend in June, and starting rehearsals for Ulysses' Crewmen, and booking that tour. i LOVE being this busy.

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Kelly Crandall said...

(sorry if this is a duplicate. So many hoops to jump through to post!)

ANARCHIST was fabulous! Best thing I've seen at UWM, and I've seen some really good things. RH broke one character into four actors, which really gave the character's madness dimension. The movement, physicality and commitment of the actors was phenomenal.

Dead Man's Carnival: music was much better than I expected! The burlesque isn't really my bag, although it was good, but I didn't stay long 'cause I had come from another event and was tired. They are apparently going to play at Stonefire again, possibly on a regular basis. So I left knowing I could come back another day.