Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things you should do

I haven't had time to write on here for a while, but i wanna post about things that have happened since getting back from Tour.

1. i've been reading and re-reading The Call. Get your free copy at the CCC and fuck some shit up. seriously.

2. I've been rehearsing an insurgent version of King Lear's act 5 to be performed at Bedlam Theatre with some awesome companies from around the country. If you know me, you know how i HATE shakespeare, and my hatred (as well as others' boundless love) influenced our version. We wanna do this locally, but it's only 20 minutes long. If you like shakespeare and wanna go head to head with our fucked up play to make an evening of shakespeare interrogation in Milwaukee in June, LET ME KNOW!!!

3. fixing to play some experimental music! This weekend, at the Freaks Come Out and the Borg Ward (google it), next month with Realicide and Victory! later next month with some other stuff. Bass. Feedback. Drone. Acrobatics.

4. Booking touring theatre groups! Bedlam and trutheatertheater! Get details on

5. playing frisbeeeeee and kickball! Join us! Sunday mornings at riverside for frisbee (ultimate) tuesday evenings at peirce and meineke for kickball. comment for time and details. Victory summer!

6. rehearsing Ulysses' Crewmen. I am so happy about this.

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