Tuesday, December 5, 2006

On This BLOG

Hello and welcome to the blog of Rex Winsome.

My goal with this thing is to begin compiling information that will lead me to a description of the coming economic revolution and to present that information in a public setting, where others can make use of it, contribute to it, or criticize and respond to it. I don't know how much i will use this thing, how often i'll post, or if i'll much bother with reading or responding to comments.

My approach to The Internet is: this is not reality. I do not expect politeness or compassion, and will grant none. If you feel strongly about something i say there are no consequences to attacking it and me with a blistering assault of words, other than that i (or others) may respond in kind. I'm not going to share life stories unless they are related to the purpose of this thing. If you are looking for friends or a community by going online, you are already hopeless. If you are looking for action or to change the world, get off the internet, i'll meet you in the street.

If you are looking for debate, polemics, and raw information, things that will lead to some understanding of what i'm trying to do here, and why, then you've found the right place.

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