Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A General Outline

This is the simplest statement of how i see the revolution happening that i can muster at this point. It's light on evidence and assumes some basic knowledge of Marx. Hopefully, with other posts i will back up and reference these statements, but for now, it's an outline of assumtions. I'll surely need to edit this, but i am going to keep the post here as a beginning point for anyone interested in my theory.

1. The revolution is already beginning, i am not aiming to instigate it, only to describe it and participate in it.

2. The Proletariat is not a revolutionary class. The revolutionary class will be a third class radically different from both the proletariat and the bourgeoisie (as the bourgeoisie was radically different from both serfs and nobles) The new class is developing a radically new form of economic relationships.

3. These new economic relationships will prove to be more efficient and will evolve into an economic system to rival and replace capitalism.

4. Political action (violent or peaceful) will be a part of this revolution only when the capitalists use state power and force to maintain their obsolete system by attempting to outlaw or inhibit the growing power of it's replacement.

5. The new economy is based on creativity. The revolutionary class is the creative class. Art is the new form of economic relations.

6. This new economy will begin in the growing art/entertainment sector of our economy, but will spread to other sectors as it proves superior to the capitalist form (exploitation).

7. Live performance (theatre, live music) is the most revolutionary (and will shortly be the most popular and important) art form. If we can gain control of the live performance section of the entertainment industry, we can kick start the revolution.

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