Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I was recently asked "when did you write this? How long did it take?" about a play, and it took me a while to think of a date, so since I've got this journal thing, I might as well start keeping track of these things.

Currently i am involved in the following projects:

1. Graphic design, Technical Director and line coach for Golden Apollo (by John Manno, produced by Tracy Doyle) i wasn't going to get very invovled in this show, due to wanting space from Tracy and the fact that doing the show at UWM was ill conceived. But things are better with Tracy now and she's had to make some tough decisions, which i advised her to make, so i'm gonna help her impliment those.

2. Writing Ulysses Crewmen- for posterity's sake i'll go through the history a bit- I've been wanting to do this since summer of 2003, but didn't have anything approaching a draft of anything until we did Plight in the spring of 2006, when i had a first draft of act two. Then i took a playwrighting class, cuz i thought that'd force me to get something for act one. In class i reworked act two and wrote an act one, then broke act one into 60 pieces, reordered it and re-wrote it. then, on my brother's suggestion, i decided i had to switch the gender of two characters. So at this point i've got the gender change written into act two, which was easy. I'm starting act one from scratch, because it wasn't working for more reasons than the gender change.

3. i've got two plays in the spring pink banana show. After the Protest, which i wrote sometime around Plight (spring 2006) and an autosummarized Bring the War Home, which Microsoft Word condensed from my final re-working of BTWH. I'm doing some final editing on After the Protest now, on Susie's excellent suggestions. I'll be directing both shows.

4. Peter Wood's plays are going to be produced at some point and i'm going to be in on it.

5. i wanna get something together organizationally in the next few months.

6. i'm moving to Bayview in two months.

7. Once i'm done with Act One of UC, i'm going to set up a staged reading, with rehearsals and rough actions for the combat, cuz reading all those stage directions stops the play at the times when it's supposed to be the most intense, so i won't be able to know what it needs until i get to see this. Then, submit it to contests and publishers (ha!). Then produce it. So if i'm amazing and get over my writer's block, it'll be produced next fall. But next spring is probably more likely.

8 i guess fall of 2008 is a good time for giving BTWH another shot. unless the war is over by then (as if)

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