Tuesday, January 2, 2007


The most important part of what I'm doing is that I am attempting to apply my theory to my life and my actions.

This means three things:

1) I structure my individual consumption choices to be intelligent and consistent with my theory. I avoid (but cannot completely escape) exploitation and participation in the capitalist system. This means I am vegetarian (nigh vegan) I eat in for most of my meals and I cook from scratch using organic ingredients as much as possible (read: affordable) I buy clothes sweatshop free and I limit my consumption of commodities and "entertainment" products, preferring to spend my leisure time reading, cooking and creating various types of art.

2) I limit my participation in political action. This is not to say I do not engage in political action at all. I vote, I volunteer, and occasionally protest, but I do not make it a priority in my life (like I used to) because I find political action is not the best route to change, economic action is.

3) I produce theatre and organize my theatre productions in a non-exploitative way. I co-founded an organization called Insurgent Theatre (http://insurgenttheatre.org/) This is currently in transition, because it became to hierarchical and it was based on a single relationship, between myself and one Tracy Doyle, a relationship that has ended. But we are both still active in our local theatre scene, and I intend to rebuild the organization in a much more inclusive decentralized way.

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