Monday, May 7, 2007

review wss uwm

West Side Story presented by UWM was going to be reviewed. However, our trusty reviewers left at intermission because the show was so damned awful. Where's the energy people? Where's the acting? Where's the singing? Tenth graders in summer theatre programs have put on much better shows.

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Anonymous said...

HA!!!! Best review EVER!
Sounds like this show was STILL better than that horrid "Milwaukee Rock Opera" version a few years back!

Did ya catch that mess?

Besides very odd and ultra-snobby "It was quite a challenge to turn 'Officer Krupke' into a hip-hop song but we're talented enough to do it" attitude and COMPLETE lack of ANY competent acting/singing/dancing, the technical masterminds behind the show CONSTANTLY placed actors with wireless microphones IN FRONT of the P.A. speakers.

Um... even young punk-band hopeful Billy Bob Burgermiester, living his his parent's basement out in West Allis has figured out that there is a loud SCREEEEEEEEECH when you put a microphone in front of the speaker.

But that was a few years ago and i should get over it.
Ok. Done.