Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Activities Update 6/20

1. Held group reading of Ulysses' Crewmen on monday. Got great feedback. It needs a lot of work, but it's come a long way.

2. Made in the Mouth tech is next week!

3. Promotion for Made in the Mouth is going well. Lucky and Pozzo and surveys and those posters, I think it adds up to a solid campaign, a campaign that will really kick into high gear after next week, it'll be street theatre, bakesales and flyer parties every day between opening weekend and the end of the show

4. The gay show went off well. Good audiences, fun times. Makes me want to do really simple tight structured improv shows to fill gaps between our major productions.

5. Read atheist's last rites again, no longer looking at it in a terribly personal way, which is good. Don't know when/where the one page play show is going to be.

6. Lucky and Pozzo made money on Brady Street last night. Highlights: one guy gave us $10 for an articulate critique of the Bush administration, then he complained that Lucky didn't call Bush an asshole. Lucky snorted whisky up his nose. Lucky stood on Pozzo's ear. Drunk dude at Nomad kept requesting absurdly violent things, push that guy off his bike, run into traffic, you two fist-fight, chase that cop car down the street, fortunately he never put his money where his mouth was. Bourgeois women at the HiHat lounge really wanted to see Lucky get nekkid. A small small child and her young mother followed us for a few blocks, seemed to have their day brightened. Ian collected a shit ton of email addresses from the punters.

7. Timmy Two-Hats went to Bonaroo. He's back now. This You Tube thing is probably not going to happen until after tech week.

8. re-ordered and awaiting "the development of an aesthetic" or soemthing like that, by Brecht.

9. St Joan of the stockyards on the back burner.

10. Dog Park Junkyard on the back burner.

11. Upua on the back burner

12. Play in a Day coming up! I'll be writing and doing tech shit. it'll be intense!

13. Alamo Basement is also planning a ultra gore-ific halloween show that i'll be invovled in..

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