Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Barry Commoner

Hey look! A post that's not about theatre.

NYT interviewed Barry Commoner: At 90, an Environmentalist From the ’70s Still Has Hope.


i love this:

"The peak of the campaign happened in Albuquerque, where a local reporter said to me, “Dr. Commoner, are you a serious candidate or are you just running on the issues?” "


the juxtaposition of "i've never made a mistake/rethought my philosophy" and "i don't use mass transit" is such a great example of what is wrong with these kind of environmentalists. Yes, he's a scientist, so his work is important, but his work as an "agitator" is what i have issues with.

If you think we need to change something as radical as "how things are produced" do you really think that standing around and shouting "Hey! Everyone! We've gotta change how things are produced! C'mon, do it!" is a useful approach? How about producing things in a changed way and demonstrating the superiority of that method?

"still has hope" is a nice title for the article, cuz all dude has is hope, not progress.

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