Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Activities Update

1. An hour or two of writing away from the next draft of Ulysses Crewmen. Read that outloud to myself in one sitting. then read it again, taking notes. Make changes, repeat if necessary and then start planning a staged reading. Finally getting there.

2. Made in the Mouth is underway. Stage managing, tech directing, producing. it's fun.

3. Promotion for Made in the Mouth is underway. People seem to like the posters enough to take them home, or put them in the kitchens and back rooms of the businesses we hang them in with crudely humorous scribbles on them.

4. Last Night was first tech for the Pink Banana Totally Gay Show. Went alright. Looking forward to tonight.

5. Designed the poster for the Pink Banana Totally Gay Show in about an hour.

6. John likes Atheist's Last Rites, so you'll get to watch someone act like me dying.

7. Timmy Two-Hats is responsible for YouTube videos, we'll see what he comes up with.

8. So, i think my copy of Brecht's writing was abducted from the mail person or something. I never got it.

9. St Joan of the stockyards read and outlined and being mulled over in my head.

10. Dog Park Junkyard started. Met a young lass named Katy who wants to do a site-specific theatre peice with us. we've mapped, photgraphed and brainstormed the project. We need to find out who owns the land. On the back burner until Mouths is over.

11. Upua is also on the back burner.