Monday, June 11, 2007

Lucky and Pozzo Ride Again!!

On Sunday, after the Pink Banana TotallyGay show at Pridefest, Lucky and Pozzo hit the streets and raised some green for Made in the Mouth.

Highlights include:

"walk on your hands" - Lucky bent over and put his hands under his feet as he walked.

"punch him in the balls" - Lucky punched Pozzo, jab-style and stuck a bit high, hitting below the belt-buckle but above the cack. The crowd boo-ed. Pozzo adjusted Lucky's swing to an upper-cut into the crotch, resulting in a satisfactory pain in the testicles, and wincing in the audience.

"run the fuck on down there, all the way" - Lucky ran two blocks down locust street, leaving his hat behind, Pozzo put the hat on Tim the helper man (on top of his other hat, Timmy-two-hats!) and made him be Lucky for a bit.

"chase that guy like you're a zombie"

"do your funniest thing" Lucky told a terrible joke about chicken breasts in the style of bad stand up comedy. the requester was so dissappointed. the most disappointed requester ever.

"ride this unicycle" - here was the deal, a woman had a unicycle and if Lucky could ride it, then we'd get the dollar, if Lucky couldn't ride it, she'd give him a quick lesson and we'd pay her a dollar. He couldn't ride. we paid. She taught him a little. then she rode around us in circles, with Lucky's rope in her hand, creating more spectacle and more money for us. Everybody wins. I gave her my card, hopefully she emails me and wants to do street theatre with us.

"pantomime giving a spider monkey a reach-around" - This is one of those requests that Lucky doesn't understand. he thought maybe "reach around" meant putting your hand around the shoulders of your date in a movie theatre. He pantomimed this and made a "Dunsen Check's In" reference, which he is very proud of.

other bodily injuries: Lucky hit Pozzo in the face. Lucky fell on his head twice. Lucky kicked Pozzo's ass. Lucky fought with Pozzo. Lucky pushed Pozzo off the crate. Lucky did a number of backflips and a summersault over the suitcases. Lucky did two head stands on pavement.

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