Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Activities update- 8/15/07

I have my fingers in 19 pies! Chronological order:

1. Lucky and Pozzo meet Jonathan West, Tim is memorizing the monologue, the rest of us are working on the packaging.

2. UC reading/writing- behind, but catching up fast. Friday is the deadline, next thursday is the reading. Then back to the writing desk.

3. opening night at the rep. how aggressive/assholy does our theatre company want to be?

4. Milwaukee Noise Fest- I'm playing, everyone else is playing, it's going to be a great success.

5. La Tomatina- Some East side Business Group and a company called Freight Train are putting on a festival that we're invited to do something with. that something will hopefully invovle throwing tomatos at shakespherean actors.

6. Street theatre has been rocking since last update. We kicked ass on gallery night, got ink from jonathan west, and took the show on the road, to Minneapolis for the fringe fest. Good times and turnips had by all. The riverwest artwalk will be Pozzo's anniversary.

7. the theatre workshop is coming along nicely, but doesn't yet know how to get something on stage.

8. Alamo Basement's Grand Guignol show is booked for (obviously) late October. I am writing a short play for it, a short play where i myself am the bloody psycho villian.

9. In Clamatore next shoot is also at the end of oct. I'm helping out.

10. Paint the Town Script became HUGE distraction from Ulysses Crewmen. Wrote more than half of it. it's great. totally different from what i usually write, but still in the same vein. Like... what i usually write plus a narrator and this huge storytellingness aspect to it. It's got a fairy tale feel, it's fun, but still fucked up. In many ways more fucked up than my other stuff, the lack of realism allows me to push the violence and dogmatic ideologies of the characters.

11. Damien Jaques' office. Again, how big of assholes do we want to be?

12. Upua- venue search needs to start yesterday, script assemblage and planning, set design, etc etc.

13. Dog Park Junkyard will be visited by workshop group within the next week or so.

14. One page play show won't be for a while. John is busy until winter, then we've got Upua.

15. Whiskey dinner- this could happen any time. it's a one day show, absurd dinner theatre, with absurd dinner, the product of Kate Pleuss' random thoughts.

16. Pink banana's "i don't get it" show, an evening of avant-garde and experimental shows that'll make you go: "huh?"


17. Tim hasn't taken over website maintenance. software problems persist. I'm not doing too terrible a job of maintaining it in the meantime.

18. Brecht essay way back on back burner.

19. St Joan of the stockyards even further back on back burner, so far back that Paint the Town kinda ate the main character and the play might not need to happen.

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