Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MN Fringe Reviews

This" crowd pleasing interactive theatre parody" was none of the above. Instead it was just plain deadly.
There was a man sitting accross the aisle and one row ahead of me and he kept looking accross the aisle at the rest of his family with this forced grimace of a smile after every "joke" that summed the show up perfectly. That face said: "this is funny! Isn't this funny?! C'mon, look, it's Shakespheare and there's ketchup, FUNNY! Right?"
I should have walked out, even though i'd have to go accross the stage to get to the exit. I wonder if then they would actually "interact" with the audience instead of rattling off the same tired joke regardless of what who in the audience had said.

I don't know exactly why i didn't like this play more. I could have loved it. Some of the acting was weak, but some of it was great. The absurdism was marvelous, but some of the dialog was too like some absurd classics, threatening to become absurdist cliche' (a cliche that works great when you run with it, and terribly if you stumble into it). The plot starts out wonderfully mysterious and potentially epic, metaphysically important, then devolves into just a love story. A great existential love story where the couple's romantic ideal is non-existence, but a love story nonetheless.

Theatre for theatre people. I enjoyed this show, i generally don't go for the commedia del arte style but the combination of it with all the forth wall breaking, story line scrambling, crazy shepherdess' and fairytale explaination of the history of war made it enjoyable. Very expertly acted, but in that style of acting that makes me cringe and want to put out my eyes.

As a rule I am disgusted by poltical satire, singer/songerwriters, protest music, and whiney left wing propaganda (prefering radical left wing action) but, somehow this show entertained me in spite of myself.
Must be because these are some incredibly talented, intelligent, hilarous people. Bravo.

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