Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Activities update 9-19-07

So, recently its as if this blog was nothing but a chronicle of roughly bi-weekly activities updates. This is not the intention. Much theoretical stuff is going on and i'm going to make a concerted effort to post some of it. Thing is, i'm reading the collected works of Brecht's theory on theatre, so it's all one subject, about which i'm going to write a huge fucking essay and short play, at some point, after i'm done reading it and writing other important things.

1. Tomato Romp! This saturday! we're performing shakesphere and you're throwing tomatoes at us. On the street. it'll be great fun!

2. Lucky and Pozzo meet jonathan west- a date is set, we're going to get a chicken. Tim has joined the vegetarian team (at my prodding) in the interim, so i don't know who is going to eat this bird.

3. UC writing- plodding through, working in Brechtian ideas as i go. Fixing things, experimenting. Feel more optimistic about it than i have for a while. Feedback from this last reading has made me think this has potential to be a great play (i was kinda in doubt for a while)

4. Milwaukee Noise Fest- kicked ass!

5. Reviews in the Vital Source- tracy and i are writing reviews of local theatre for vital source, online, but something weird happened with my first one...

6. Street theatre warms back up with center street daze, tomato romp, and the artwalk coming up.

7. the theatre workshop is awesome. It's making me think about acting styles and such.

8. Alamo Basement's Grand Guignol show is on the coming-up. Scripts have been submitted, Mike is doing something. i'm waiting for details and a green light. impatiently.

9. In Clamatore next shoot is delayed til the same day as Guignol, which means i'm not directly invovled.

10. Paint the Town Script has been touched lightly. I wrote a prelude, had an idea Brechtian, for adding projection.

11. Upua- my anxiety is fully developed. i wait for my comrade's initiative and she scowls and gets short with me when i ask about it.

12. One page play show...?

13. website maintenance is still my responsibility.

14. Brecht essay climbing up off the back burner, cuz the reading is getting exciting.

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