Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Activities update 9-5-07

it's been a busy time, but mainly a socially busy time. that and a been getting sick a lot cuz i don't sleep enough kind of busy. everyone is going back to school, so things are gonna be weird for a bit too. i'm going to feel alone and groundless, like i'm running shit solo and overwhealmed. i'm kinda terrified. i should focus on writing and reading, but i want to focus on convincing everyone i know that if we just take a huge risk and quit everything but theatre, we'll pull it off like gangbusters!

Anyway, here's the stuff in chronological order:

1. Lucky and Pozzo meet Jonathan West, we're ready when he is. Better not have made Tim memorize that shit for nothing.

2. UC writing- the reading went far better than expected! Tons of turn out. Good times and good feedback. New ideas and approaches. Can't wait to get it all down on paper.

3. opening night at the rep. is tonight. nothing is happening. i guess we're not so assholey.

4. Milwaukee Noise Fest- coming up soon!

5. La Tomatina- memorizing shakesphere, recruiting actors, awaiting details.

6. Street theatre has stopped rocking since last update. but it ain't dead, just waiting for shit to settle a little.

7. the theatre workshop still truckin, feeling good, missed a couple weeks do to camping, UC reading, etc.

8. Alamo Basement's Grand Guignol show deadline is sunday. I'm almost done. the play starts with a song, like brecht woulda wanted.

9. In Clamatore next shoot is delayed due to Wes-ness.

10. Paint the Town Script has gone untouched. It's at the sticky spot right before the climax and whatnot.

11. Upua- venue search needs to start two weeks ago yesterday, script assemblage and planning, set design, etc etc. i am developing some serious anxiety here.

12. Dog Park Junkyard is on hold cuz Katy seems to be on hold.

13. One page play show, still no details.

14. Whiskey dinner- in the dredge up when you run out of ideas bucket.

16. Pink banana's "i don't get it" show, an evening of avant-garde and experimental shows that'll make you go: "huh?" new script idea: on my birthday we did an exquisite corpse play. We could do that again for this show.

17. website maintenance is for the dogs

18. Brecht essay way back on back burner.

19. St Joan of the stockyards even further back on back burner, so far back that Paint the Town kinda ate the main character and the play might not need to happen.

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