Tuesday, January 15, 2008

electoral politics

Election 08 is starting and i'm already nauseous with regret about
having got involved with 2004. This may be my only post about the

I have a prediction, so far the prediction is supported as long as
this prediction seems to be true, I am going to remain completely
unengaged with the election and the entire "democratic" process, which
means i am not going to vote.

i do not trust that this process is anything like representative
democracy anymore and i don't much support or like representative
democracy in the first place. To test this hypothesis i have made my
prediction, the degree to which this prediction comes true is the
degree to which my position against electoral politics is grounded,
and it will have an inverse relationship to my involvement with the
political system.

1. the primary will be very hotly contested, but for only a short time.

2. it will be based on something other than an actual discussion of the issues.

3. the media will conclude that the primary is over before the primary
is actually over, and then their conclusion will become fact shortly

4. the general election will then be very close, changing favorites
repeatedly, up until the very last minute.

5. the media will make a lot of money, more money than any other election cycle.

6. this last prediction i'm less solid on, but i think this process
tends to privledge the status quo, ie moderate democrats over
progressives, and republicans over democrats. So we'll probably see
hillary up against a more (but not the most) conservative (in both
economic and social terms) republican candidate, and that republican
will win in November. (if i cared enough i'd figger out which
candidate fits that description, but i don't, and the idea of looking
at the different candidates at all makes me nauseous)

if i'm right, then the media has completely hijacked our democracy,
and we ought not participate, none of us. So far, what little media
coverage i've seen conforms completely with my prediction, so expect
the only engagement from yours truely to come in the form of black
bloc tactics specifically targeting news cameras.

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