Monday, February 4, 2008

A New Short Play Written today

Now I'm Being Pedantic
By Rex Winsome
R: Excuse me, may i ask you a kind of direct question?
A: Uh... Okay...
R: Are you an artist, or are you just trying to look cool?
A: Why i never! of all the- Am i an artist?! Harumpf harumpf harumpf!
R: Well, which is it.
A: I am an artist. I like to think so.
R: What art do you do? Is it good? How much of your time is spent doing that art? How much money does that art earn you? ANd you still think you're an artist? What are you planning on doing with this art? What did you go to school for? Where are your earning most of your money? Are you sure you're an artist?
[these questions continue, with responses all condensed from multiple interviews with hipster looking strangers, until it reaches this point:]
A: Alright, asshole, let me ask you, are YOU an artist?
R: Sure.
A: Well, what is your medium?
R: Society.
A: Society?
R: Yes. I seek to manipulate individuals within our society in order to reshape it according to my wishes.
A: and how do you intend to do that?
R: By developing a new mode of production and gaining hegemonic dominance of the fastest growing sector of our economy.
A: You are going to "gain hegemonic dominance" of what?
R: The fastest growing sector of the economy.
A: How you gonna do that?
R: By controlling the production and distribution of the goods that will be in highest demand in that sector.
A: What are you talking about?
R: If i control the most desired arts and entertainment products, then i will dominate the arts and entertainment industry, which is the fastest growing sector of the economy.
A: Well, how are you going to do that?
R: If i gain control of tomorrow's assets while they are being neglected by todays establishment, then i can easily wedge the establishment out when tomorrow comes and the assets i control become the most highly valued.
A: and then what?
R: then it's merely a matter of time before the efficiencies i've discovered in arts production transfer to other industries. When the economic foundations of our society have been altered, then all other social institutions will follow directly.
A: You sure about that?
R: That's how it goes historically.
A: Okay, so what are "tomorrow's assets" you're talking about?
R: Live performance. Theatre.
A: Theatre? You mean, like Shakespeare n shit? What makes you think theatre is going to be any kind of asset?
R: New technologies have allowed the democratization and infinite free reproduction of artistic mediums that the capitalist arts and entertainment industry have been able to commodify and thus specialize in. This democratization is leading inevitably to mediocrity. Audience demands and economic might are going to shift to those mediums which offer more than dull home entertainment, and which cannot be mass produced at no cost, that is mediums based on experiences. Live performance. Theatre.
A: And you are going to be king of live performance?
R: Me and my associates and allies, yes.
A: And then...
R: and then the first step of my art project will be completed.
A: and you think this will actually happen?
R: I don't see why not.
A: But, you're really banking on a lot, aren't you?
R: Some people would say it is the artist's job to predict the future.
A: Who says that?
R: Marshall McLuhan.
A: Marshall McLuhan said a lot of crazy shit.
R: you still don't beleive me?
A: No.
R: Well, you don't have to, you'll see my project unfold soon enough.
A: But, what if i'd like to believe you, and i'd like to participate in the project, i'm just too pessimistic and pre-occupied with... with...
R: with trying to look cool?
A: I guess.
R: then i should try a harder to convince you to participate directly.
A: How can you do that?
R: Perhaps if we were lying naked next to each other?
A: Perhaps.
(they strip, lay down, spooning)
R: Now do you see?
A: Yes, actually... So, what do we do now?
R: create a whole lot of the very best theatre we can.
The end.

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