Sunday, August 3, 2008

TOUR DIARY- Minneapolis Fringe Fest

We're in Minneapolis. Last Wednesday was our tech rehearsal, which went swimingly, we're going to be able to use everything, the cube, the sewing machines, all of it. We drove up here starting at 6 am, had our three hour rehearsal, performed in the out-of-towner showcase to great response, and then got back in the truck to drive home.

Tracy and I came back up last night (saturday) and saw three shows back to back. The massive numbers of people attending these shows, and so excited and enthusiastic about theatre has really got us pumped about performing up here. The festival is huge, and there's a wide variety of different theatre forms co-existing here, dance, performance art, solo shows, sketch comedy, burlesque, heavy experimental works, dramas, everything all happening together in a cooperative and supportive manner.

150 shows going up all around the city produced by all kinds of great companies. Bedlam theatre has a giant cardboard "DIY Plan for World Domination" standing up in their lounge, which contains their strategic plan with clippings, relevant articles and all kinds of stuff available for passersby to check out.

In our first night up here I saw more art and enthusiasm for art than I have in a year in Milwaukee.

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