Friday, August 8, 2008

TOUR DIARY - Minnesota Fringe Kicks Ass

I've seen like 20 plays in the last few days. Some of which were completely amazing. I wanna talk about the two best:

Deviants and Depth of a Moment

Deviants is by a MN group called Live Action Set. This is the closest to Artaud's impossible Theatre of Cruelty ideal I've ever seen. The show is packed with surprises, unexpected alterations of the reality you think they've created for you. Everything is simple and rough and incredibly intense.

Depth of a Moment is a much different, slower sort of conceptual work. Very small ideas are langourously examined and more active listening (or watching) is required than most theatre audiences today will allow, and so most theatre audiences miss out on the slow revelation or realization that can come from watching this kind of work.

Other great shows include Leaving Normal, Boom, The Cody River's show, Gone Gone Gone (a milwaukee dance group) Butterfly Kiss Effect, and You're no Fun.

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