Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winsome Picks Feb 25

Oh my god i have been fucking busy...

Cool shit coming up this week:

Some really interesting looking films at UWM - documents of China's industrial wasteland. Various times this weekend.

Friday 27th
- Goddard Film at Woodland Pattern
- Armoury Opening

Sat 28th
- Broad Vocabulary Benefit
- Noises Off at Carte Blanche (also Friday night, i think)
- Cream City Collectives Late Night Vegan Cafe

Sun M 1st
- Last chance to see 3Penny Opera at Off the Wall (i'm dragging a dozen people there personally on this day, so if you've ever wanted to have it out street gangs style with me and mine, this is the perfect chance!)

Tues 3rd
- 2nd MARN / CA artist listening session thing at The Walkers Point Center for the Arts

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